our second year sneak peek


IMG_1050IMG_1048Manila-With-J-and-Isko-020227775_1762419457123_1138176957_31511665_2800302_nthumb_600A few photos of our Second Year Anniversary.Anyway while racking our brains for which resto to head out to, we both came to the realization to try this meat loving resto BRazil! Brazil! Just a warning though- this place is not for the aging, on a maintenance hypertensive individual… after coming here u will swear off meat for a month!

IMG_1056So yummy. Brazil Brazil is a churrascaria , spanish or potuguese for a restaurant serving grilled meat, many offering as much as you can eat..It’s a unique concept since while we do the serving ourselves in any typical all buffet resto here in the Philippines-in Brazil Brazil the waiters move around the restaurant with the skewers, slicing meat onto the customer’s plate. They will also hand u a yoyo which at first we thought a give-away, hahaha but the nice waiter explained that we will u use it to signal them- just sit the yoyo on the table with the green color if u want to be served non stop with the meat..and turn it on the other side with the red color if u think u already have too much of it..

for those who are in a protein loaded diet, then it wont hurt to try this place..the taste of the meat are not different from those served in ur regular restos but the thought of being served 8 different meat dish in one sitting is more than enough to excite u..skewers include lamb chops, beef tenderloin, pork loin, sausages, and other beef parts..of course u wont be devoid of fibers since churrasco also includes pineapple and banana..
the food on the buffet table though are not so enticing except for the pasta( uh i dont think pasta counts as a brazilian food)…the dessert list is not worth mentioning either..

photo (1)

IMG_1060IMG_1064IMG_1058We stayed for a while in starbucks and he gave me this ferrero and chocolate polvoron

photo (2) photo (3)


Time for the cheese, *warning: skip this part if you are bitter about love*The best part about this was probably spending the whole night with my partner in crime,best friend, and boyfriend, Well, I’m really glad to be with you because the past 2 years of my live have been nothing short of amazing. I always have someone to share every single up and down with. We’ve been through sooo much together,  and I’m glad that we’re still happily around for each other, and still very in love. I don’t think I’d ever find anyone who truly loves and accepts me like my Honey. I mean- he fell in love with me at my weird puberty stage where I looked sooo horrible (no joke),  before I started this blog or started my love affair with fashion. And no matter what I decide to do,all he does is welcome all my decisions with open arms knowing I can take care of myself and that he’ll always be there to catch me if it doesn’t end up well, All that of course with a camera in hand- “for memories.”

Most of our photos is taken using iphone 5

Much Love


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