wrap it


So this is one of my favorite looks ever, literally every piece is so good and I never thought they would look even better together!



IMG_1473 IMG_1470IMG_1464IMG_1467 IMG_1462

Cropped tops and Pencil skirts, now that’s a trend I’m currently loving. A year ago, I never would have predicted this trend to resurface, and I never thought it would look good, but here we are! I love the fashion cycle and how history repeats itself through clothes. Right now, the 90s is is everywhere! I wonder what’s next. Do you ever think about what might become a hit again? Or what you swear on your grave you will never wear- even if everyone else is sooo in to it? Those flared denim jeans with the embroidery perhaps, or the once popular Jolina Butterfly clips? *insert soft cry of shame here* I’d love to know what you guys used to wear (especially the funny ones!) and what you want to wear again! Do leave a comment and lets all share a laugh together!Happy Weekend Everyone!

Both is Forever21

Photos taken by Alex Marcos Fugaban

Much Love


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