Fashion wear for events this christmas


Christmas is just around the corner and you might not notice it, but you’ll be swamped with Christmas parties and gatherings in no time.


Even in October, people are already preparing for the Yuletide rush. You can already hear restaurants playing Jingle Bells and I’ve seen a lot of houses with decorations! Why decorate just your Christmas tree when you can stand out this season with outfits that express yourself and spread the holiday cheer ever more? There are so many colors and styles you can play around during this time of the year, and it’s very important to know what type of clothes are fit for the many gatherings and parties you will be going to. Usually, these will be corporate casual parties, evening events, and of course intimate gatherings.

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and just to change our topic about the fashion for christmas events.this is the wedding of lovely couple.Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Dino thank you for giving me a day to witness your beautiful wedding..and here are some photos.

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Intimate Gatherings. Let’s not forget the intimate gatherings—and dates— you’ll be invited to. I put on a peach top and awesome high waist structured trousers featuring a brown and white print fabric.Stretchable waist! both outfit is from the ramp trinoma. It would be best to match with gold accents and accessories as it makes you look more regal and vintage, though limit the very bright pieces to one or two. You can use any pair of shoes with this, but I chose gold high-heeled doll shoes to give it a graceful aura. This is a really comfortable outfit and you can wear it pretty much anywhere. So which ever occasion you will be going make sure that you be will comfortable with what you wear.Have a happy weekend.


My forever photographer. A man behinds my lovely pictures!

Much Love


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