ooh my, the last update was almost 1 month ago! not a good start of the year.

Anyway This 2014, one of the things I really want to try out is a play with different kinds of photography. I want to travel more, learn new cultures and immerse myself in them, meet more people and gain more knowledge. Life is a never ending journey, and though I am perfectly happy, grateful and contented with my life, I do always want to maintain a curious mind and hungry heart. Here’s to hoping more fun and exciting dreams and opportunities come my way, and finding the courage and passion in myself to push through it!


IMG_1727 IMG_1725 IMG_1733IMG_1736IMG_1723IMG_1720IMG_1719IMG_1726IMG_1718IMG_1717IMG_1714


All clothes is given by my forever love Francis atienza. Have a great weekend lovies 😀

Photos taken by: Alex Marcos


Much Love


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