How to Choose Happiness Day 2





Let go of what brings you down and do what makes you happy. As simple as that 🙂


I’m a big fan of cheese, romance, hearts and sweets so it’s kind of a given that I’m a fan of the holiday as well. It’s quite rare for me to dress to impress my date (I usually dress up for myself! :p) and it can be quite tricky to choose an outfit that your date would like. :p Good thing i was able to see this lovely dress so my boyfriend decided to buy me this dress!

When dressing up for your date, make sure to pick an outfit that would show the assests youre most comfortable to flaunt. That’s always been my principle when it comes to dressing for dates – the outfit NEEDS to be comfortable because your outfit should be least of your worries when youre in one. Valentine’s day is all about getting to know someone, having fun, to make you smile and get a little bit cozy and how can you achieve all those when you’re wearing uncomfortable heels, a dress that’s too tight or something’s thats too revealing. Another is balance – don’t show too much skin because you wouldnt want to give the wrong impression 🙂




It’s amazing when you’ve found your perfect match. Everything seems sweeter. Life becomes lighter. Imperfections become perfect and being together means forever. I am so lucky I found him years ago and since then life has always been beautiful. Cheers to more years  to us 😀


Happy Weekend Lovies 😀

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