Palawan Day 3! honda bay



These photos were shot right under the noon-day sun at Honda Bay Palawan.

My boyfriend took this photos for 5 minutes. The heat was so bad i had no choice but to head straight for ther water! Well, you can’t really complain when you see this such beautiful view like this, right? My initial thoughts of “stomach instomach in!’ or bikini insecurities were quickly replaced with “lets take those outfit shots in 2 minutes and get out of here!” but since this bikini is a gift of my boyfriend, i really wanted to shoot them properly(sayang naman kung hindi!) I’m just glad i brought my cover-up with me- though it centainly didn’t help with the heat situation! this is just to remind ourselves that Sunblock is always a good option!

IMG_2426IMG_2428IMG_2421IMG_2419 IMG_2418IMG_2412IMG_2424


Have nice weekend guys 😀

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