Last Day in Paradise Palawan!

IMG_2758Hmm so its our last day in this paradise. I will surely missed this beautiful place! Since this is our last day more time for us to take lot’s of pictures.

Well with this place?you can’t say no hahaha! anyway if your asking were I bought my swimsuit! It’s made by: yours truly 😀 it’s made by old clothes hihi! i normally love to create my own swimsuit because if your going to buy 4 or 5 to malls it will cost you a lot. So every year I always make one lol! (Para tipid din Diba)

IMG_2709IMG_2724IMG_2722IMG_2691IMG_2705IMG_2712IMG_2700IMG_2725Staff here is really cool they approach us to take this pictures! IMG_2730IMG_2741IMG_2727IMG_2746 IMG_2739IMG_2754IMG_2749IMG_2762IMG_2767IMG_2771IMG_2770IMG_2764IMG_2775Music lang and drinks for our last day. I’m wishing this day that we can extend our stay! IMG_2768IMG_2763IMG_2796IMG_2688IMG_2445IMG_2685IMG_2773IMG_2782IMG_2774IMG_2781IMG_2787IMG_2778IMG_2784 hahaha Funny!!!hahaha IMG_20140502_194034IMG_2785 lol!!! IMG_2446IMG_2441IMG_2448IMG_2442IMG_2804 It’s time for us to go! My #ootd going back to Manila! IMG_2799IMG_2802Dress from Two Zero Clothing in the Ramp Trinoma! Flower Head Band from Marcela! IMG_2813 Very Delicious Pasta in the Hotel Restaurant! IMG_2812 Our last Pictures before going to airport! Will surely go back to this paradise! Hope you guys had a wonderful vacation as well! Ps sorry for delayed posting hihi 🙂


photos taken using DSLR Canon!

Photos taken by Francis Jose Atienza

Much love,


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