look du jour


Although adore mixing prints and colors, recognize the value of an all black look. Today bet on black for the look du jour but with details that make the difference. Starting with the skirt leather and the top, different materials always leave more attractive to look.

Generally not mention the price, this top is definitely cheaper bought this for 600 pesos in H&M, definitely a good buy!

Returning to look more love accessories, the bag, The shoe in black is classic and chic!and it really is my new darling.
Usually I prefer to mix prints and colors, but I know the power of an all black outfit! Thatโ€™s my main inspiration for today look du jour, Iโ€™m wearing a black stripe top from H&M and a cute skirt from the Ramp

The right accessories are the key to make it work, I chose the simple bag from Forever21- this is just my favorite right now, lve the touch of color. Also wearing a black shoes , classic and chic.also from Forever 21IMG_3520IMG_3542IMG_3546IMG_3524IMG_3535IMG_3530IMG_3523IMG_3532IMG_3528IMG_3522IMG_3519IMG_3515IMG_3521IMG_3514IMG_3512

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