Celebrate the love!


I was going to write this long speech /caption about how much you mean to me, the adventures we’ve had together and what a soul mate means, but I think this photo captures us so simply at our essence.Β Though we’ve had our fair share of arguments, our relationship is constantly marked by many happy and blissful moments. We’ve seen so much together and have everything to be thankful for. At the heart of it all, we simply are happy together, There’s no other hand I would hold and I’ll stand by my man.

Few of our picture’s last Valentine’s day. So delayed post =)

IMG_3790IMG_3798IMG_3611 IMG_3608

IMG_3606 IMG_3605IMG_3604IMG_3602IMG_3603IMG_359910917630_635971086549057_951426308_nIMG_3607IMG_3633IMG_3668IMG_3631IMG_3827IMG_3832IMG_3780IMG_3762 IMG_3773 IMG_3768 IMG_3757 IMG_3789 IMG_3749IMG_3751 11012283_635970999882399_916157950_n 11007583_635970969882402_1052042739_n 11004057_635970996549066_1466902938_n 10994825_635970856549080_1060886377_n 11004777_635970879882411_1075329152_n 2 1

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