Birthday Celebration

MYXJ_20150712154917_saveCelebrate my Birthday with my love one’s! I decided to celebrate in Pangaea City of Dreams with my friends and this is Diane one of of the celebrant as well we decided to celebrate it together. as her birthday is July 5 and me is 8th of july! So happy as i celebrate it with this guys. Sorry for blurry pictures as this is just grab pictures from my friends see how happy i am as i forgot to take pictures on my own camera lol!MYXJ_20150716192410_save MYXJ_20150716192631_saveMYXJ_20150712154646_save


Gift of my boyfriend!MYXJ_20150709082940_save MYXJ_20150709061933_save

Here’s another one on the day of my birthday decided to treat my family in yakimix as we also love to eat yay!MYXJ_20150708144337_save MYXJ_20150709062028_save MYXJ_20150709082807_save MYXJ_20150709082411_save img1436335698205 MYXJ_20150709082326_saveMYXJ_20150712154203_save MYXJ_20150712154119_save MYXJ_20150712154314_save

And lastly my post birthday treat with my officemates in Black Olive capitol Commons!


MYXJ_20150725012422_save MYXJ_20150725012330_save MYXJ_20150725012246_save MYXJ_20150724235505_save MYXJ_20150724235437_save MYXJ_20150724235311_save

Wearing a Red Jumpsuit for my birthday from ZOO!

Happy Weekend!


One thought on “Birthday Celebration

  1. girl ang hirap mo kase di mo afford yan kaya naiingit ka siguro pang jollibee lng kaya mo. girl i can buy everything which is you cant poor,panget jologs. just so you know i had pay 15k same as my friend eh ikaw. baka 500 di mo pa kaya. my clothes worth 10k each ano laban ka haha

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